Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fall is in the air. Crisp. Cool. Like a fresh, crunchy apple, it has its own flavorful juices to enjoy. Strolling through the park, I see the geese and ducks doing their flight schools, the acorns decorate the ground and the squirrels are dashing faster up and down the trees. The leaves are still green for the most part, but there is the hint of color change at the tips.

When the wind is right, I hear the high school band practicing for the home football games and some Friday's I hear the cheers along with the fight song. I remember back when my husband and I would sneak into the game just before half-time to watch my son march in the band. I do love marching bands. It's the only reason I was ever interested in football.

Here in my own landscape, there's been a huge change. Gone is the lawn. In its place, three natural rock walls and a river rock creek bed. In the back, a stone meditation space, two new planting beds and a wall of bamboo. Planting the crimson Japanese maple and mums, I puts me a fall mood as well. Even though I am still happily gathering my dahlias and making arrangements inside, I've put out a bowl of fresh, fall apples, scented candles in warm vanilla and cinnamon scents and hung the harvest wreath on the front door.

Even though I'm not buying my children school clothes or supplies this year, I still feel that urge to sharpen pencils, buy new notebooks and break in a new pair of shoes. Don't you?

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