Friday, July 18, 2008



About six months ago, I answered a call for blog correspondents from around the world to contribute bi-weekly articles on living creatively for Eric Maisel's new blog: Creativity Central. The idea was to have many people 'reporting' from their different parts of the world sharing what was new, creative and artful in their lives and locals. I sent in my proposal and waited for the technical bits and pieces to get put together.

At long last, the site is up and running. I wrote my first article as a new 'blog correspondent'. My life has had some unexpected twists and turns this year and when I wrote the initial idea up, I really had no idea where I would find myself when blog publishing time came. I was to write about 'sculpting a life' and at the time my life was falling apart. But what amazed me last week, as I wrote my first piece for the blog was how far I've actually come in the last few months. What I thought at the time was the end, I see now was really a new beginning. My life wasn't really falling apart but re-forming itself.

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