Thursday, May 28, 2009

A wonderful class:
Creating Muse Wands.

Creating is a magical process. It’s even more magical when I get to share the process. Last Saturday, on a sunny afternoon, I taught a class through Portland Community College called, ‘Muse Wands’.

After introductions all around, I set out the supplies and did a short demonstration of how to do copper repoussé. Then the students dove into designing and creating their own personal ‘Muse Wands’.

These remarkable women created unique pieces: a copper angel with healing stones, a sun/moon face with blue, green and white beads, a butterfly covered in leaves and a homage to earth, water, air and fire. I’m so glad that one of the students sent me these pictures of her finished ‘Muse Wand’.

What a magical, creative afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting! How did you connect the repousse piece to the wand? Nice project.

Susan GT said...

Glad you liked the magical, muse wands. Leave your name next time so we can get to know you.

Susan GT