Thursday, September 03, 2009

Making masks on a Sunday afternoon.
What could be better? Nothing.

This Sunday, I was happy to do another “Unmask Yourself” workshop. As I told the class, the latin word for mask is persona. And so, you can see that you wear a mask every day, it’s called your personality.

The idea for the class, to unmask yourself, really means to go with your gut. Pick colors, words or phrases, beads, feathers whatever feels right, today. To stretch yourself playfully beyond what you might think is you.

My class dove right in with gusto. They glued layers of papers, words, phrases and pictures layered it all with sparkly glazes, paints, beads and feathers.

I think the pictures speak for themselves. All in all, we had a great time.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! Thank you for that inspiration. Your blog fearlessly explores creativity, which is why I've included you in my list of bloggers to honor with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Details on my blog at

(The award's at the bottom. The first part is news I'm still digesting and only now sharing. Sorry about that.)

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

So glad I inspired you! I know that you continue to inspire me.

And thanks for the Kreativ Blogger Award...WOW!!

I do love what I do and do it in spite of my own fears and hope to inspire others to do it as well.

Susan GT

Janet Grace Riehl said...


I love mask-making as well. In Oakland, California, there was a 1,000 faces project. Everyone at all ages made masks and showed them at the Lake Merritt fair.

Congratulations on Susan Tweit's honoring of you with the Kreativ Blogger Award.

Janet Riehl

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

What a great project...1,000 faces! I would love to see pictures of how that turned out. It must have been amazing!

Thanks, it's wonderful to be appreciated. Our blogging world is so rich thanks to you and all my blogging friends. I cherish it!