Monday, October 26, 2009

'Reflection' Copper repousse

Sculpting a life and a living.
Writing. Showing. Teaching. Making.

Looking at this month, I’ve been blessed to be able to do everything I love to do.

As an artist, I sculpt out of metal and clay. I’ve made jewelry and garden art and started new masks out of mesh and copper.

For two weekends, I was part of the Portland Open Studios Tour and opened my studio to men, women and children interested in finding out what I do and how I do it. It’s always a little hectic getting ready for the event. I clean out my studio, set out demonstration materials, put out some of my pieces for display. It’s a lot of work. But what makes it all worthwhile are the looks of wonder, the words of appreciation and the people who come back every year to see what’s new.

Right after my open studio event, I delivered a large copper repousse’ piece to a juried exhibit downtown. My piece, “Reflection” will hang in the First Presbyterian Church as part of the Works of Faith exhibit until January 2010. It was wonderful to meet my fellow artists and the people from the art committee on Sunday.

Later in the week, I started an artist in residence at a local elementary school. The project is based on my ‘Ethnic Portrait’ series and involves the students in art and writing, two of my favorite activities. I met with the teachers, went over the supplies and the timelines. Then I went back to my studio, made an example of the project and prepared some supplies. At the school, I set up, presented the project and taught the classes with the help of the wonderful teachers and students. It was a great experience!

Today, I’m setting up interviews for articles I write on my blog and others. Writing advertising copy. Making a list of the supplies needed for the second week at the school. Getting work together for a photo shoot tomorrow. Putting some paint on one of my mesh masks. Taking my dog for a walk in between rain storms and making dinner.

Sometimes I worry whether it will all get done, but it does. Somehow, in spite of the bumps, I am able to sculpt a life and a living doing what I love to do. I’m grateful.


goldenbird said...

Hi Susan! Just wanted to leave you a comment letting you know how much I love your blog. I found you through your post on Creativity Central and shared your blog on Facebook this morning.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Hi 'goldenbird',
Thank you! I'm so glad you like my blog and enjoy reading it. And glad that you shared this on facebook and became a follower!!
So glad you 'perched' here for a while. Looking forward to getting to know you here, too!
Susan Gallacher-Turner

goldenbird said...

I really, really enjoyed reading your blog posts this morning, and they stayed with me all day. The idea of sculpting a life inspires me. Your words sparked something in me as I began to visualize how I could balance my day job with my creative pursuits (writing, knitting, and collage). And I loved your posts about Maui-- for a few moments I felt transported. Oh, I want to go there!

Okay, I will leave you alone now, at least until your next post. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it. I am crochet-friendly :o)


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Ah, the art of balance...I'm always working on that, too. I try to remember what I read once that balance isn't all about everything being equal and even. Balance in life is more like a see/ ongoing process of up/down and give/take. Right?

I loved Maui, too. I have a picture on my desktop to keep reminding me of that feeling. So glad my words were able to spread that feeling to you, too!

Come back and visit all you want, I love the conversations that happen here!