Saturday, January 16, 2010

Share your creativity rituals and help light the way for others in the new year.

For years alone in the studio, I began my day with a ritual I called ‘CM’ or creative meditation time. I poured myself a fresh cup of coffee, turned on my favorite music, lit a scented candle and sat down in my chair. Closing my eyes, I attempted to bring my thoughts from the world of everyday activity to the world of creativity.

Doesn’t this sound restful and wonderful? Then why does it take so much work to get my butt in that chair? Why do I find myself at the computer, answering email or dust mopping my floors instead of sitting, focusing and creating in my studio?

I can say I’m too busy but after a few weeks, I get tired, cranky and resentful. Yes, it’s easy to put the needs of others before mine. Yes, it’s easy to find other jobs more productive. And again, yes, it’s easy to blame myself or others for my lack of ‘CM’ time.

The other day, I met an artist friend for coffee. After talking to her for a while, I realized that although I feel all alone in my struggles, I’m not. Almost every creative person finds themselves fighting the foes of fear, procrastination and time.

It’s a new year. And this year, instead of guilt and fear, I want to embrace the feelings of freedom, lightness and joy. I know that getting back to my ‘CM’ time is a big step in the right direction. But maybe in the New Year, my old ‘CM’ ritual needs some renewal, too.

So I’m asking for your suggestions. What steps do you want to take this New Year? Do you have a ritual that gets your creativity going everyday?

Share it here. I’d love to hear some new ideas. What sparks your creativity can light the way for all of us.


goldenbird said...

I can so relate to your difficulty in getting to that chair for CM time. I don't have a specific ritual, but when I'm feeling blocked or scared I remind myself that I don't have to create anything amazing or spectacular, I can simply create. Taking the pressure off really, really helps.

Patrick Gracewood said...

Good thing to share,Susan.
I'm always amazed that inspiration is so often relaxing and literally breathing IN. I lock the door to the studio, lock the bathroom door and then lock the door to my office when I really need CM time.

Also I try and keep my studio clean so I'm not overwhelmed when I enter. When I'm on it, the studio welcomes me back to my work.

Lisa Griffen said...

Oh, I didn't see that you had posted about this. :-)

I probably already told you that turning on music seems to be the signal for me to get started. I always feel reluctant until the music goes on, but then I get absorbed in working.

If I'm really stuck, I start organizing and cleaning. Handling the materials and unearthing things in progress helps get me going.