Saturday, February 20, 2010

A tree grows in my studio.

You can see it here in process. The large copper tree will be adorned with copper leaves and beads.

The project is called, Tree of Life, and just like life, it’s a creative adventure. The trunk has many layers of spiraling copper that twist, turn as they grow upward a symbol of how we all grow in many different directions. The branches are heavy and light reaching outward, again, like life; there is a need for strength and delicacy. The base has three main roots symbolizing the body, heart and soul.

The leaves were given to the children in the class to repousse’ with words and textures. I had a great time working with them and found their word choices fascinating. The most popular words were peace, wisdom, faith and life. In second place were the words, dream strength, courage, joy hope and grace. Five children chose these words; friends, vision, thrive, passion and energy. No one chose the word, love.

So I added my own leaf with the word, love. Because, this tree project is certainly been a labor of love for me. I’ll keep you posted on further progress and pics of the finished piece.


goldenbird said...

Your copper tree is beautiful. I would love to have one like that hanging in my living room! Very interesting to read about the words the children selected. I'm glad peace was in the top five.

Thanks for your advice about the Stitches market and listening to my heart when I come across something that calls to me. I appreciate that.

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Thanks! You love my Tree of Life, just like life, it's been an adventure.

And I'll look forward to hearing what calls to you at the Stitches market.