Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today, I started a new blog. Why? Well, when I started this blog almost 5 years ago, the blogs were very different. So, was I.

When I started here, the blog choices were very limited. I had only a few templates to choose from, limited picture space and loading. I wasn't able to get a blog address that matched the blog name. And as my blog grew, I really outgrew the name.

Back then, I wasn't sure what my blog would be about, but knew I wanted to share my art and some of my writing with other people. And I have met some wonderful artists, art lovers and writers! And I want to keep growing with all of you and the new world of blogs.

To do that, I want my blog to cover a wider range of my creative life. I want it to be a place to celebrate my joy, passion and creativity in all aspects of my life including my art, writing, friends, family, my dog, Jilly and maybe even my not so little secret hobby, crochet.

My new blog is named Sculpting a Life because I really feel that my life is a lot like sculpting in many ways. Every day, I carve out my life around time working in my studio, writing in my journals, walking my dog, Jilly, enjoying time with my husband, Michael, children and friends. Whether I'm exploring new materials like acrylic paints on clay, trying new things like crocheting socks, discovering the joys of baking, rediscovering old story ideas, I want to be able to share my passion about creativity with all of the like-minded people out there in one blog space.

So, come by and visit my new blog, Sculpting A Life. Let me know what you think and share how you find joy and passion in your own life.

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