Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A poem to share.

I found a poem in my desk drawer that I wrote over a decade ago. What's interesting is that while I've changed in many ways, I still find ....I forget. So here's the poem for me to remember and share. And hope it helps you as it did me.

I used to be a rusher
A pusher and a shover
I thought that moving faster
was the only way to be.
What I didn't know or see
was that I was running over me.
I soon got very discouraged
exhausted and depressed.
Because I was so busy
I never stopped to rest.
You see...
I missed the sunsets
the flowers and the trees
All changing different colors
right in front of me.
Part of me was wishful
that the world would just slow down.
I'd lost all of my smiles
all I'd gained was frowns.
Finally, I realized...
that things and people change.
I could decide to stop and stare
and take in the mountain range.
I could paint my colors,write my words under the trees,
and choose to be a lover of life and be free.
There still are days
when I forget and find
that in my rush to get things done
I've left my heart behind.
Then it's time to read the words
and listen to my soul
watch the colors of the clouds
and let that be my goal.

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