Friday, July 13, 2007




It is a summer's day!

New work - Season's series


As a deep prussian-blue night sky with an opalescent moon shines down on dew-drop jeweled rose petals lit by the gentle twinkle of fireflies, I sit elegantly dressed in an all white gown with a tangled wreath of honeysuckle in my hair. I know I am not alone. Although I cannot see my fellow midsummer revelers, I can sense them nearby gazing up at the glowing moon, playing with the fireflies and making rose petal necklaces. We all share the magic of the night savoring the luscious smells of honeysuckle, lavender and rose, the taste of bright raspberry, the light touch of cool breeze, the swaying of the tree leaves in time to a long forgotten melody. And they dance to the tune. I know. I see the mysterious bends in the grass that fairy steps leave.

I sigh. Ah, a midsummer night melody from which dreams are made.


Janet Grace Riehl said...

Susan, this is one of my favorite passages, and one worth remembering...the pink mask (is it?) is new work? I like it very much.

Susan GT said...

Midsummer Nights Dream is probably my favorite Shakespeare play...I've actually done masks and workshops for it, mask is 'Summer' part of the new series, "Seasons". I'm so glad you like it.