Friday, July 27, 2007

Swinging on the breeze,
Imagine you're on a trapeeze
Entertaining your muse.
Or sit back and snooze
Dream of pink and chartruese
Braiding daisy chains for your hair.
It's warm in the sun
so enjoy summer fun
Play and play and play.
All day and into night
Twirling cirlces fast upon the grass
and hide and seek in the moonlight.
(Ball masque:Sun)

I loved summer as a child. All those hours to play, ride bikes, explore the forests surrounding my suburban house. Or spending a hot an humid day in the community pool diving for pennies and getting sunburned. Then cooling off after supper playing 'spud' or hide n seek with all the neighbor kids across our unfenced backyards. Even spending a quiet afternoon in the shade reading the latest Nancy Drew mystery. One summer, it changed, when I looked out the window and saw the teenager girl from down the street walking by with no bike, no book, nothing to play with and I felt sad. Suddenly, I knew my summer play days were numbered in single digits.

Today, my age well into the double digits, teenage days long gone, I want to welcome back the summer. Not just the flowers, sunshine and light breeze but the carefree, happiness that went with fudgesicles and sundresses and twirling.


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