Saturday, October 27, 2007

MY VIEW: Territory by Emma Bull

I don't usually read westerns or historical novels, but this one is wonderful. And, boy, am I glad it crossed my desk.

I've heard about the place and characters, who hasn't...set in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881 featuring Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and Tom McLaury, and the OK Corral. This is a novel that brings life to the history recreating the town, politics and the people but goes beyond facts to create a world where the mystical crosses paths with historical.

Emma Bull adds new characters to the town as well, including a lead female named, Mildred Benjamin, a widow working for one of the local newspapers as a typesetter but loves to write. In secret, at first, Mrs. Benjamin writes romantic adventures, then gets one published in the fiction magazine of the day, 'Gallagher's'. She even gets paid! Ok, so the check is written out to a Mr. M. Benjamin, but she cashes it anyway. Along the way, her own life gets a little romance, mystery and thrills, too which she gets to write about in the local paper.

Jesse Fox is another new character, who possesses a few mystical and psychic gifts and with the help of a Chinese 'doctor' learns how to use his talents to help himself and others in the town as well. Tombstone's Chinatown adds yet another layer of depth and richness to this well-written book.

Oh, guess who Jesse falls in love with?

Yep. Mildred.

Does it end happily ever after?

I'm not telling...because it's much more fun to read the book.


Creative said...

Hi Susan, just wanted to say that I love your "Seasons" and "Elements" mixed media works on your website. Great work!

Brenda Johima

Janet Grace Riehl said...

Sounds like a good book. I belong to Women Writing the West and this sounds like a book they'd like. You might enjoy reading my review of Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Clearing in the Wild." Check the Read On category where I file my's a historical/Western I guess, but really interesting story of a woman finding herself and her own athority.

Susan GT said...

Brenda...thanks so much! I loved working on them, too.

Janet...I'll check out your review as well...I hope you get a chance to read this book, I loved it.