Monday, November 05, 2007

A QUOTE: "Lack of resistance to what you hope is possible."

A QUESTION: What does this mean to you?

(Sun mask: brass repousse')

This quote is from Ambrose Worrall, a Christian faith healer. I read it on Deb Robson's blog, and it hit me like a bucket of cold water poured over my head. Suddenly, things around me looked different. I felt different. I was shocked, awake, refreshed and relieved all at the same time.

Seems a lot for a simple quote to do? Let me explain.

I had just spent over 4 hours at my local medical center undergoing annual tests, a blood test and a mamagram. I am an old-hand at these tests, been doing them for almost 2 decades now due to 'family history'. But this time was different. I had been asked to come back for 'additional views' for my mamagram. I went through the process again and waited as usual. Then the wait got longer and longer.

It was scary to wait. But what was even more scary, were the conversations going on outside my little waiting room. These women were trading horror stories about tests upon tests upon tests that ultimately lead to nothing. No cancer. No problems.

Good news, right? Yes and No.

Good news...we were all right. Healthy. Fine. Bad news...we were so scared. It made me mad that once again our Healthcare system was actually a Healthscare system. Preying on the fears of innocent, healthy people.

I realized how much I had been resisting the Healthscare fears. And that's good, because it's unhealthy to buy into it, I've seen it happen and it's not pretty. But I also realized that my very resistance was setting up a dam that was, perhaps, keeping out some healthy, caring energy. I know the care energy is out there, like sunlight waiting for me to absorb.

The question remained. How could I keep my boundaries up toward the Healthscares and be open to the Health-caring energy.

After reading the quote, I saw a way out. A rope thrown to me in this sea of fear...with the phrase...'what you hope'. A light...with the word...'possible'.

The quote was in response to a question to the faith healer asking if he required a faith in God or religion for the person to be healed. The response was that he what he really needed from the person was faith which he defined as "a lack of resistance to what you hope is possible."

In other words, opening up to the hope of health, the possibility of good energy, good times and a good life now and in the future! I hope this has given you an idea of what might be possible for you, too.

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