Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ANOTHER QUESTION: Can art change healthscare into healthcare?

ANOTHER QUOTE: "The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion." Nadia Boulanger

(Mini-muses: Music, Art, Spirit)

Musing about my healthscare experience, the quote from Andrew Worrall, I wondered what could I do other than fight the fears with what I hope is possible. Then I thought about what I do as an artist and how the arts have become so divided from everyday life...hung on walls, put on pedestals, locked behind glass.

I felt there was a missing link here. Art as a way to health and care for everyone. Art off the walls, down from the pedestals and into the hands, hearts and bedsides of everyone.

I thought about the need for care in the healthcare system...care carts that feed the senses to facilitate calm, health and comfort. Having choices available that stimulated the senses in a positive way...Music for hearing...Nature books, videos for seeing...Warm/Cool textured pillow/blankets for touching...Aromatherapy for smelling...well you get the idea. Perhaps these already exist...but maybe more could be done?

I thought about the role of art in healing. I wandered back in time to our tribal roots and envisioned the role of art in that setting to heal. Music, dance and drumming to work the stress out of muscles, bones and mind...Smells from oils and herbs that soothed...Colors in clothing, jewelry, blankets to warm the heart...Patterns/textures in pottery, utensils, shelters to bring out feelings of safety, protection. All this art contributed to health and was important for health and well-being. As important and intrinsic to survival as food and shelter.

Then I happened upon this quote on another blog http://www.reihlife.com/ and saw a connection. "The essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, passion." These wise words from Nadia Boulanger, a famous musician, composer and teacher so clearly speak to the importance of art in everyday life. There's the missing link.

A new healthcare practice: Everyday put the care back into everything I do...that is healthy.

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