Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Give up trying to improve yourself.
Let your true self,
Be yourself."

("Woman" sculpture)

When I said, I QUIT, I got some interesting feedback. Many women who read it, loved it. They seemed to know what I meant right away. The men, however, were shocked. They seemed to need to give me a pep talk. You know like the old phrase, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Funny thing is, before breaking my wrist, I'd have said the same thing to a friend or myself. But I also know that my resolution had nothing to do with needing support, a pep talk or being tough. Just the opposite in fact.

So when my son handed me one of his college reading assignments last weekend to help me out, I read it and took it to heart. What he didn't realize was that we were both on the same page, really. Mine was on my blog and his was for a class. But the message was the same.

The quote above from the college reading assignment sums it up best I think. And when I took the article back to him, I pointed it out as a good new year's quote. Then, I told him to read my blog and he might find out that maybe I didn't need a pep talk on being get tough.

What I really needed was to be kind, instead. By giving up trying to improve myself, I was quitting being so tough on myself. Seeing my true self and accepting that without pushing, pulling or molding myself. And allowing me to be the real me.

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