Friday, May 23, 2008



For the last 7 weeks, I've had fun teaching an afterschool class at Llewellyn Elementary School called 'Mask Makers'. Inspired by the release this fall of a children's book based around the popular song, "Puff, the Magic Dragon", my mask makers have been busily creating dragon masks.

I read them them the book on the very first day and by the middle of the book, they were singing away as I flipped through the pages. Then, we listened to the CD included in the book. When the CD was over, they asked me to start it all over again. Humming along, they worked on their magical masks. Each week, we added a new element. First it was noses. Then, fanciful dragon ears as well as layers and layers of texture and color with different papers and paints.

In addition to the masks made by my mask makers, we made set elements for the drama class who will be performing the song and dance on the school stage. My creative class made an ocean backdrop with Puff's cave textured out of paper, a pirate ship, billowed sails and colorful dolphin fish, butterflies and birds.

Throughout the class, the song played in the background inspiring us all with it's magical melody helping us to create these wonderful, magical dragon masks.

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Lani Gerity said...

Hi Susan,
Re: Happiness Challenges, I got them from various psychologists in the field of positive psychology, Seligman being probably the most well known. You are certainly welcome to join the class if you like.