Wednesday, May 07, 2008



(Artwork: Elements-Fire)
In the last week, I've learned about a new bill in Congress and the Senate called the Orphan Works Bill. This bill would take away all the copyright laws that now protect art from being used without the permission and compensation. Put all work in the public domain that is not pre-registered through as yet unnamed agencies at artist's expense as yet to be determined.

This means that any writing, concepts, sketches, artwork, photography of artwork could be copied, distributed and used by anyone at anytime without my knowledge, permission or compensation. That's stealing. And that's wrong.

I received two emails about this bill this week. One from my local art group, the Pacific Northwest Sculptors Guild and from Robert Genn in his weekly artist newletter. I had no idea that such a terrible bill existed. I was shocked. And angry. And I wanted to do something about it right away. But what? To whom and how?

Here's who and how. Register for this email list at Then click on the website at You will go to a page of pre-written letters opposing the bill. Click on one and fill out the info and it will be emailed to your local congress and senate representatives.

It's easy. Fast. Join me and do it now. The more of us who let our shock and anger be known, the less likely this bill will be passed. The Orphan Works Bill is stealing. And it's wrong. Let's stop it. Now.

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