Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One-handed no more!
Hear the sound of two hands clapping....
Thanks to the healing help from many caring people.

It’s been a long two months. The biggest challenge was keeping my spirits up when I couldn’t do my art. Working with metal, as I do, whether it’s copper repousse’ or the aluminum mesh takes the coordination of two hands. I couldn’t do it one handed.

I needed help. And I got help from many talented, caring healers. I had delicate surgery to straighten my wrist bone done by a talented orthopedic surgeon, Darin Friess. The physician’s assistant, Tannia, sculpted my cast to help me heal and be as comfortable as possible. Janice Weitzer, a caring herbalist and massage therapist worked with me to release pain and open up my circulation so I would heal faster. And Ruth Ann, my occupational therapist, manipulated my fingers, hand and wrist each session and taught me stretching and strengthening exercises.

All their wonderful, caring, professional help has given me my hand back. I’m healed!

I applaud them all. And now, thanks to them, I can use BOTH hands!!!

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MELANIE said...

Congrats! You must be so happy.