Saturday, February 16, 2008

A romantic tale.

A Valentine's Gift.

A new, old ring on my finger.

About a month ago, I told my husband that all I really wanted for Valentine's Day was my wedding ring back on the third finger of my left hand. When I broke my wrist, they had to cut and twist my ring off my finger, mangling it badly. The only consolation they could give me was that I could get a 'new ring'.

But, you see, I don't want a new ring because I love my wedding ring even after 20 years. I had it made for me by a custom jewelry artist when my other 'store-bought' ring fell apart. The artist, Deborah Spencer, created a one of a kind ring for me that fit my finger perfectly.

So when they mangled it, I went in search of her on the internet. I found her and she told me not to worry, she could probably fix it. Just bring it in to her when my hand had healed a bit. So, early in February, I brought it to her shop. Deborah took a look at it and said, she could fix it, no problem. I left it with her.

On Valentine's Day, my husband and I went to her shop to pick it up. Deborah fixed it, and then some. Not only was it sized up to fit my finger a little better, but all the old scratches had been polished off, and the diamonds were sparkling clean. Guess how much she charged me? Nothing. It was all part of her service to her customers. It's a Valentine's Day gift I will never forget.

If anyone wants to see more of Deborah Spencer's beautiful, artistic jewelry, here's her website...

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